What Sets us Apart

Not only is our package 9-Nights (8 full days), but we will have 3 Imams leading the group with 2 other imams joining us during different parts of the Trip. The 3 Imams will also stay and travel with the group from LAX and back to LAX.  This means you will be able to bond and ask as many questions whether it be in the airport, bus ride, hotel, Grand Mosque, or elsewhere! Our package also includes both complimentary breakfast AND dinner! We are a nonprofit, and while we do not intend to make any profit with this trip, any profit made will go towards supporting our projects to spread and increase our communities with access to authentic islamic education.

Our Umrah trips are lead by experienced Imams and a team of Ulama who are extremely knowledgable and trained in all aspects of the trip, including teaching and answering Fiqh question for all 4 Madhahib (Hanafi, Shaf’i, Maliki, and Hanbali).  
Dr. Mohamed Hussien
Dr. Mohamed Hussien

Imam at MCA Sants Clara

Sh Ammar Shahin
Sh Ammar Shahin

Imam at Islamic Center of Davis

Sh. Ahmed Khater
Sh. Ahmed Khater

University Lecturer of Islamic Studies & Founder of Zidni Islamic Institute

Sh. Muhammad Saeed Najib
Sh. Muhammad Saeed Najib

PhD Candidate, instructor at Islamic University of Madinah, and the Prophet's mosque

5-Star Hotel Accommodations

Al-Madinah Harmony Hotel

Our guests will stay in Al Madinah Harmony Hotel.  Harmony is a 5-Star hotel and offers excellent access to not just the Prophet’s mosque, but to King Faisal Rd and mobile shops for cellphone needs. The sacred mosque is just 3-5 minutes walk away making this hotel an Ideal location for both first time guests of Madinah and recurring guests as well!

Dar Al-Eiman Royal Hotel


In Mecca, our guests will stay in Dar Al-Eiman Royal (Safwa Tower), a 5 star hotel located directly inside the Haram next to the clocktower.  This hotel actually serves as the closest access point to the K’abah.  In addition, there is a prayer area (Musallah) inside the hotel making it easier for the elderly who want to reap the reward of a 100,000 prayers!

Complimentary Breakfast & Dinner!

This is unprecedented.  An umrah group offering not just free breakfast, but free dinner as well?  Zidni is not in the business of cutting corners to make profit.  We are a nonprofit and want to make sure we take care of our guests in the quest to having a smooth Umrah trip, a life changing experience, and promoting the increasement of knowledge for the sake of Allah .  This is why we make it incredibly easier for guests, especially families with children, by offering to take care of both breakfast and dinner.  Furthermore, this isnt just any breakfast or dinner… these are 5-star continental buffets offered by the very same 5-Star hotels you will be staying at.  Food from multiple international cuisines is prepared by top quality chefs here, enabling utmost satisfaction for guests.  Complete your Umrah trip worry free! If you would like to visit other restaurants throughout the different malls, guests may even do so during Lunch.  We recommend you try AL-Bayk!

Our Schedule

This schedule is tentative and dependent upon availability. However please use it to get an idea of what we have packed in store for everyone!

Thursday, December 21 – Friday, December 22, 2017

On Thursday we depart for the blessed Journey.  Our flight with Saudi Airlines will depart from LAX at approximately 15:00 (3 PM). You must arrive at LAX by 10:00 AM.  Please plan accordingly as missed flights will additional charges for each traveler on their own expense.

Saturday – December 23, 2017

This is a free day.  We encourage our guests to first rest as we will arrive in Madinah early morning after a long flight and transit.  There will be 3 tours of the Prophet’s Mosque.

  • For the energetic guests who wish to visit the prophets mosque as soon as they arrive, witnessing the breathtaking views of the minarets during the bus ride to the hotel, we will carry out an early tour before Fair.
  • Our second tour will take place after Fajr.  Our 3rd and final tour will take place after Dhuhr Prayer.
  • We will also carry out a tour for visiting the graves in Jannatal Baqi.  This day may be seen as a day of visitation of Rasulillah (S), the rightly guided khulafaa, and the shuhadaa of Jannatal Baqi, however please be mindful that we are in Madinah to worship the creator and not the creation! May Allah unite us all to follow in the footsteps to Rasulillah and his companions, Ameen.
Sunday – December 24, 2017
  • This is a free day. We encourage guests to spend as much time possible worshipping in the Prophets Mosque.  This is a limited time opportunity to visit the 2 most holiest of sites!
  • Many travelers will also like to use this day to shop at the many malls located near the Haram.  If there is any place in the world to shop, this is the place! It is encouraged to purchase gifts for families and friends, but don’t loose sight in the true purpose and reason you are in Madinah: worship.
  •  Take note of the great hospitality of Ahl-almadinah by taking advantage of the free transportation provided by the local super malls of Madinah.  We recommend shopping here has you will often find a lot more variety with set prices.
Monday – December 25, 2017

This day will be dedicated for tours of Jannatal Baqi (for those who missed it on Saturday), the Quran Museum, the Prophet’s museum, and other sites located right near the Haram.  These tours are optional, but we encourage first time guests to take advantage of these.  In the Evening we will have the blessed opportunity to sit in Halaqa with both students and Ulamaa of Madinah.

Tuesday – December 26, 2017

This day we will continue our Ziyarah .

  • The mountain of ‘Uhud where the battle of ‘Uhud took place including the cemetery where the Shohada of ‘Uhud are buried, including Hamza (May Allah be pleased with him), the uncle of the Prophet (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him)
  • Masjid Al Quba, the first masjid in Islam and was built by the Prophet (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and his closest companions (May Allah be pleased with them)
  • Masjid Al Qiblatain, the distinction of being the only masjid where obligatory congregational prayer was held facing both the old Qibla (Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem) and the present Qibla (Masjid Al Haram in Mecca) in the same prayer
  • The area known as Saba Masajids representing the places where the believers camped during the battle of the Trench.  This includes the camp site of the Prophet (PBUH) known as Masjid Al Fath and that of Salman Al Farsi (May Allah be pleased with him) whose idea it was to dig a trench wide and long and wide enough to confound the enemy who were not expecting it
Wednesday – December 27, 2017

Today we travel by bus to Mecca to perform Umrah.

  • Checkout at hotel is at 11AM, luggage will be loaded into into the bus.
  • We will leave by bus immediately after Dhuhr prayer.
  • We will stop at the Meeqat at Dhul Hulaifa (also known as Abyaar Ali) where you will enter into the state of Ihraam with the intention to perform Umrah.
  • Upon arrival in Mecca, our team will help you to first check into your hotel and then you will proceed with our imams to Masjid Al Haram to perform Umrah.
Thursday, December 28, 2017

This is a free day.  Guests are encouraged to engage in as much worship, tawaf as possible.  No where else on earth will you be able to do tawaf and reap the blessings and rewards from it.

Our Imams will provide a Tour of the entire Grand Mosque after Dhuhr.  This tour will be especially useful to learn about the different expansions and locations that signifies certain areas.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Today is Yawmal-Jumaa.  It is highly recommended that guest leave to the masjid as soon as possible.  There will be an incredible amount of rush and high demand for space and the Masjid will fill up quick!

Saturday – December 30, 2017

In early morning after Breakfast, we will leave by bus to visit the King Fahd Quran Museum, Jabal Annur (Gaar Hira), and other historical sites.  This trip is optional but we highly encourage those visiting Mecca for the first time to take part in this Ziyarah.

After we return around Asr time, we encourage guests to rest briefly and give your farewell to the Kabah and the most sacred Mosque. This day will be the last day of the trip in Mecca, and in the land of the Haramain.  Guests are expected to checkout and be ready to load into the bus at 11PM when we depart for Jeddah.

Sunday – December 31, 2017

Flight to LAX from Jeddah departs at 5:00 AM and arrives at LAX at 11:00 AM same day.



This Umrah trip was a brothers only trip made up of a small group of 20 students from UC Davis MSA